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Making your home stand out from all the other homes on the market in Metro Atlanta can be accomplished with little or no money at all. You can accomplish this by staging your home; making it appear comfortable, desirable and one that “they just have to have”. You must clean, repaired, and staged properly. This will allow you to sell your home faster and for a higher price. Whether you hire professionals or do this yourself, I recommend this.

           As we go over some points, look at your home and take notes as to how you can improve your overall appearance.

            Look at your home from the front. Curb appeal is everything; you only have one chance to make a first impression. Look at you driveway is it and your walkway edged? Are you bushes trimmed? Look at your front door or entry porch. Clean siding, spider webs or overgrown bushes at the front to give a clean look to your entrance. Next let's look at your yard. Walk around to the rear and look at the patio, deck, or pool. Is it clean and have a good general appearance? Are you starting to understand what you need to do? Also make notes on any repairs that need to be made. You should also be cleaning the exterior of the home with pressure washing and getting rid of dirt that has built up in certain areas.

            Now let’s examine the interior. Remember to make things as uncluttered as possible. Touch up any interior walls that are needed. Take all the pictures of the family down. Maybe put up pictures of you house at different times over the years when plants are in bloom, such as the spring time, so your buyers see how pretty it is during different times of the year. Examine floors and carpets, repair or clean as needed. Examine light fixtures make sure they are clean and working properly. Remember to de-clutter.

            The most important room is the kitchen. Make it look as large as possible. Clean and clear countertops, refrigerator top, stove, etc. Set the kitchen table, add a centerpiece if needed.

            The bedrooms should all be made up. Re-position furniture so it makes the rooms look larger. Pack up clutter items. Again clean and declutter.

            The bathrooms are one of the most important things to have clean. Make them new looking! No one wants a dirty toilet, bath or sink. You might want to add some fragrant soap and some plush fluffy towels.

            Remember to look at your home the same way a prospective buyer will be looking at it. The more time you spend doing this the fewer objections that will come from your buyers.

            Some people rent storage containers to pack in while there home is being sold to help de-clutter. You may find that you want to do this to. In your packing you might want to look at things that you have not used in years and donate it to Goodwill or some other organization that will recycle your unused items rather than throwing them away.

            I hope these general ideas will be helpful to you. I am always willing to assist my clients on ideas and the staging process of their home.

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