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Working with a REALTOR®

    REALTORS® for a Buyer are a great tool. They cost you the Buyer nothing, in most cases. Most commissions are paid by the Seller. They are figured into the selling price of the listing long before the house goes on the market. A REALTOR® can suggest several reputable professional mortgage lenders, set you up with online listings which will save you time and money, negotiate pricing with sellers and contracts can be intimidating to most buyers.  Our team can make sure your offer gets accepted, and making sure your home gets closed on time and with as little hassle as possible. In a closing the mortgage company represents the mortgage company and the agent on the sign represents the Seller. Make sure you get someone representing you in this transaction! REALTORS® can save you thousands and cost you nothing!

     For a Seller, a REALTOR® can be an awesome tool for the sale of their home. Experience alone can be quite an asset. REALTORS® can handle problems that a Seller never imagined could happen. Selling takes the right exposure for the marketplace via internet, websites, brokerages, social media, staging, networking and a whole host of other tools to get the best price and the quickest sale of your home. People do not realize that an experienced agent can have companies such as law firms, appraisers, contractors and various other tools that can help with the sale of the home. With experience, comes the negotiation for the best price for your home. Any agent can list your home, we get your home sold, quickly and for the best price.  
    REALTORS® can provide experienced information on buying, selling, home inspections, mortgage financing, and calculating your home's worth. 

Need expert advice? No web site, large or small can take the place of a top real estate agent. This site is filled with ways that you can contact me for one on one expert help and advice. That's my job.                                                  







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