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Homeowners Associations


In this age of Homeowners Associations and POA's there is great benefits that you get from an active community. The socialization is great for the common good of the subdivision, especially a large community. It keeps deadbeats from not keeping their property, properly maintained and puts pressure and fines on people who don't do their part in keeping of subdivision standards up to par. If you dislike this drive through an older subdivision and compare the difference.

            That said there are a few things that homeowners need to know about their rights also. In a normal community there are less than 20% that show up at any homeowner’s association meetings. Due to the low turnout, for whatever reason, a lot of time the board members send proxy letters out to get the owners to sign over their right to vote to association leaders to vote for them. 
BE CAREFUL in doing this. What happens is the leaders sign in their own agenda, or if leaders want to do this or that with the dues you pay, you are signing a blank check to them. Your duty as a homeowner is to make sure that what you think is best for your home and community is represented in the HOA. To do that you need to be involved. If you feel shorted or slighted by the association, instead of moving or keeping your opinion to yourself, do something! Do not sign your proxy over to someone you do not know or have trust in. It is your right to be able to rent your home out if things get rough financially. It is your right if you want to lease option your house out if you want to buy another home to realize your capital gains rights under current tax laws.  

            I again think homeowners’ associations are great for keeping home standards up to a great level, but be aware of the consequences of your actions, think twice before you sign away your proxy or rights to vote on a particular issue. I encourage you as a homeowner to take the time to attend the meetings and voice your opinions. It is only a couple of time a year that this happens. Make your voice count!

If for some reason you think that you are being railroaded or violated click on this link:
Homeowners Associations Rights







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